Dockless parking – Lime

Limebike mission statement on parking – “responsible parking is a really important part of making sure our service works”.

Lets have a look – follow theses rules to get your parking spot on.

Screenshot of Lime parking rules for Camden – Credit: Lime
  • You must use a designated parking bay – Find the marked 🅿️ bays on the Lime app
  • Always leave your Lime in a way that doesn’t block pedestrian or road access
  • Remember to always record your parking by taking an ‘end of trip’ picture using the Lime app
  • Tip: bays look different in each London Borough – but all can be found via Ps in the Lime app

The above mandatory parking bay rules for Camden also apply in 4 other London boroughs of the City of London, Hackney, Ealing and Hammersmith & Fulham.

As for the remaining 27 London boroughs (that’s a big chunk of London) Lime also have rules for parking anywhere outside mandatory 🅿️ parking areas.

Screenshot of Lime parking rules for the rest of London – Credit: Lime
  • Find nearest bike rack
  • If no bike rack, park neatly to the [footpath] side
  • Always leave 2-meter space for wheelchair users or prams to pass
  • Don’t park in car parking spaces
  • Avoid entrances, exits and crossings
  • No Tip:

As you can see, clear as day – we can’t see how anyone could be confused where, or how to park a dockless bike across London. If it’s okay to park on the pavement in 27 London boroughs, surely it should be okay in the other 5?